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Realtime CPU graph showing the current CPU load. If you need to see detailed CPU stats for a specific process running, jump into CPU details to see them all.


Realtime memory consumption graph. For in-depth information on cached, active, inactive and swapped memory, jump into memory details.


Current temperature of your Pi's CPU and GPU.

Disk Usage

Overview over free space on your root disk. Dive into the file browser to view and export files.


See current and maximum clock of your Pi.


Execute Commands

With a single tap, execute a command on your Pi.

Manage Commands

Write your own commands and manage them in groups. Possibilities are endless!

View and Export Results

View and export command results automatically when finished or take a look at them later.

Script Library

Get predefined scripts from the Script Library. Everyone can contribute his favorite scripts easily via github.

View and export command results and shell logs
Manage hosts


Multiple hosts

Manage multiple Pi.

Public Key authentication

Connect to your Pi using private key or password. It's up to you!

Key Import

Import private and public keys via iTunes or from other apps (i.e. "Open in").

Custom ports

Don't be forced to use port 22. We take them all up to 65535.

Universal app

SimplePi is a universal app and comes for both iPhone and iPad.

SimplePi logo


Available on the AppStore for $1.99
Requires iOS 7.0+
SSH needs to be enabled on your Raspberry Pi

Download on the App Store
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